Feminine Personal Care & Prevention


°VAJAY Spray°
For Prevention, Maintenance and Relief. All Natural gentle spray for your delicate area. You can mist up to 3X a day with this special formula. Can be used to balance PH levels, assist with dryness, soreness, excess yeast, UTI issues, as a natural analgesic, pre-post intercourse &/or feminine itching. It can also be used to simply stay fresh and smell purdy during hot days or for pre and post exercise. We even have a discrete carry size bottle that easily fits in any gym bag or purse.

****SHAKE WELL as ingredients tend to separate. Hold a foot away from area, spray and allow to air dry before dressing. For extra relief, rub some into your clean hands and apply in, on and around. Again allow to air dry before getting dressed. (If using internally use up to 2X a day for no more than 7 days consecutively).****
Great for before and after intercourse but also great for personal hygiene. Can help prevent UTI's, yeast infections, chaffing and other womens issues. As a hygiene product spray a foot away from area and allow to air dry. For intercourse or internal symptoms, put spray into hands and rub on, in and around area.

Contains, Pure Aloe, Spring Water, Peroxide, WitchHazel, Magnesium Sulfate, HempSeedOil, CBDCannabis-Oil, BuckthornBerry, LavenderEO, Tangerine EO, Teatree oil, HempFlower EssentialOil, &Arnica