?? Common Questions ??

Will I pass a drug test?

Please read in full our FDA Disclaimer. All information regarding topical application and oral supplements is found there, In short, our topicals in no way will cause someone to fail a drug test.

What if my Bathbomb sinks to the bottom, cracks or crumbles?

If your bathbomb sinks: try holding it so half of it is exposed to the air and half is still under water. If this does not work, too much humidity and air could have hardened the materials too much. You can manually break it apart at this point. This does not mean you wont benefit from all the minerals, essential oils and healing properties in the EpsomSalt bathbombs, it simply means the citric acid did not do its job because of over-exposure. However if you simply are dissatisfied we will send you another product of same value to compensate, just email us and we will make you happy.

If your bathbomb is completely crumbled or cracked in half or pieces prior to use and NOT because you dropped it or threw it at the wall or your boyfriends head, take a picture and we will send you another one. Again, the bathbomb even in crumbles will still provide the same healing properties, it simply will not be as pretty!

What if my salve or stick has liquid on sides or crystallization? 

Than great! You know its pure and raw materials we are using. Natural products, especially honey and pure CBD can crystallize over time. It does not mean the product is bad or spoiled, it just reconstituted due to natural conditions such as temperature changes or separation. To correct this you can try to reheat the product w a blow dryer and then refrigerate it.